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Devil's Five wins Best film at Hell's Kitchen Festival in NYC.

Our film "Devil's Five" won Best film this past weekend in NYC! I am stocked for all my colleagues and our Director Terry R. Wickham. I played Vala Schneider, and the Devil next to my co - star Rock Legend Ralf Scheepers, the singer of the German Rock band "Primal Fear". The film will be a great contender around many Horror film festivals around the world!!!

Sunday September 9th, 2018 DEVIL'S FIVE won the Best Horror Film from the 1st Annual Hell's Kitchen Film in New York City.

Director Terry R. Wickham says, "It was a real honor to win at such a diverse film festival that recognizes & appreciates a wide range of cinema talent. There was an incredible lineup of different types of movies and to hear those filmmakers talk at the awards ceremony made me appreciate the high quality of work our film was amongst.

The fact we did win should be cause for celebration not only my two partners and I, but for the 170 or so people that worked on the five films; "The Devil's Five (aka Wraparound)", "Abandoned", "Stash", "Don't Say These Words" and "Choke" that make up our feature film.

Also it accomplished a personal goal to squash out the few people that didn't have any faith in "Stash" in particular. I was told in no uncertain terms, that I should never show "Stash" to the viewing public or that it would ruin my reputation and anyone involved with it. To be exact they said "Stash" didn't work on any level and that it was unfixable.

Last October, 266 people saw "Stash" while at the Devils' Five Red Carpet World Premiere and I got a lot of good comments about the movie.

But winning Best Horror Film @ Hell's Kitchen Film Festival shows those few disbelievers didn't have the faintest clue what they were talking about and that they should shut their mouths next time. They rushed to judgement after seeing a "Rough Cut" of the movie. At that time the movie had almost no usable sound and missing all the visual effects.

This is why a "Rough Cut" should only be viewed by those who know what the movie will become when it's totally finished. Some people don't have the capability to imagine what a film could be, because they either lack the creativity, cinematic intelligence or belief in the filmmaker.

After they said what they did, it really pissed me off. Their unkind words lit a fire under in my heart to go on a personal crusade to make the "Stash" work and shove it down their throats.

Winning Hell's Kitchen FIlm Festival has completely justified my one-hundred percent belief in "Stash."

I have to thank those who worked hard with me in the post-production phase to make that film work; "Stash" Editor Jason Paluck, Sound Designer Bryan Lopes & Thomas Jackson, Music Composer Geoff Tyson, Special Visual Effects Artist Martin Bresino and all my actors who had to endure 2 sets of ADR sessions to get the final sound quality needed."

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