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"Dress for Success" in Melbourne, FL.

I love these amazing people Samuel Lopez and Theresa (his lovely wife) they are both always so kind and welcoming . Thank you for trusting me with all your projects and congratulations on a very good job organizing today's event with UTB United Bridge and The Puertorrican Chamber of commerce . Always great coming to the beautiful Melbourne- Brevard County - feels like a second home already and Congratulations to the beautiful young ladies that participated today at "Dress for success " preliminary contest for the Miss Latina Florida coming up May 7th in Brevard County and that I am honored to be the host of it .

The event was at the Palm Bay Community Center.

For more imformation about the Miss Latina Florida please go to this link -

Interview by the amazing team of Telemundo - Orlando - Eduardo Echenique and Donaldo Gonzalez.

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