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Find out about my Luxurious, rich, glowing whipped Body Butter. So amazing!

Fades and prevents Stretch Marks

Ultra Mousturizing

Organic 100 percent

No chemicals at all


Even the labels are homemade!

Personalized note by Diana Noris

Great for gifts

Amazing results for women and men

Perfect for pregnant mommies to be! 


 I use this secret since i was very young to prevent stretch marks even if you are already prone to getting them. My Body butter is the bomb. My skin is always glowing and very mousturized.
There are so many scary ingredients in the cremes and lotions we use for our face and body that i decided many years ago before my first pregnancy to make my own products. One of them is my very own raw, cold pressed, organic cream. I have chosen the highest quality ingredients to create my glowing skin whipped body butter that can be used all over your body.  It actually feels like whipped cream! Super moisturizing, great for fading and prevent stretch marks. Healthy for your whole body. No chemicals, No parabens.  I use Aloe Vera from the plant, from which i make the gel homemade. 
Our bodies absorb over 60 percent of what we put in our skin so it's very important we pay attention to ingredients. 
I use the best butters and oils to ensure maximum moisture and benefits. So at the request of many of my friends that addicted to my body butter i will be selling them online. Shipping will be included. Every time i make my jars i sell them right away so i am determined to make as many as i can so you can all see how amazing it is! They also make fabulous gifts. <3  it's even good for your baby's behind to avoid diaper rash :)  some of my ingredients are Coconut organic cold press virgin oil, Morrocan organic Argon oil, jojoba organic oil, african organic Shea Butter,Aloe Vera pure organic from the plant, Almond oil, Vitamin E , etc..all 100 percent organic..  Now you can purchase your own whipped Body Butter Jar and it will get delivered to you .
with a personal note from me. I make it Natural /organic scent, Lavender or Vanilla. 
Amazing for mommies to be and for a glowing skin .
Ingredients are a 100 percent organic, homemade, natural .. I make a unique blend that includes virgin cold pressed raw coconut oil, organic argon oil, organic jojoba & almond oils, 45,000 Iu of Vitamin E , Alpha Hidroxy, pure Collagen for skin elasticity.

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