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Diana Noris is an Actress, Artist, Writer, Animal Activist, President of Women in the Arts Miami, and a very active Philanthropist. The actress combines her genuine nature, philanthropy & equates to a Q-rating that is rising very, very rapidly!!

Diana has grazed the covers of about 20 magazines. She has been working in over 50 films and soap operas in the American and Latin Market. The actress has a non-profit organization called "Women in the Arts USA' which hosts the yearly awards since September 18th, 2009.

Diana has not only held her own in major motion picture productions but gained the respect and praise from industry colleagues. Diana was born and raised in Puerto Rico with Argentinean and German family. She resides between Washington, DC and Los Angeles.

Noris, who has always been characterized as being a genuine woman, has been busy working in productions all over the nation, she recently worked on her character "Countess Natal" bringing it to life in the TV series "Sangre Negra" (starring Erik Estrada, Eric Roberts, and Antonio Mckay).

Last year Diana Noris was a part of Dwayne Johnson's hugely-anticipated new project, HBO's Ballers. You can also find her starring in The Familia, a mafia story. These days, the hot actress was part of the Premiere "Devil's Five" in Seattle, WA - she plays a principal role as Vala Schneider (a woman possessed by the devil). The film was directed by Terry Reid Wickham in New York. Diana shared the spotlight with Ralf Scheepers, the lead singer of the European band "Primal Fear." As part of her new upcoming projects, Diana was just cast to play Sasha Cooper in the horror film " Mary" who starts filming soon. The thespian also said she feels ecstatic about working on the set of "Henri" a local film that took place in Fort Pearce, FL. She played Maria, the girlfriend of the talented and seasoned actor Eric Roberts (Julia Robert's Brother). Recently finished filming "The Rack Pack" in North Carolina, "The Mountaineer" in West Virginia, "La Vida en Negro" with Spanish Director Arturo de la O and currently in pre-production for a film that she has been very close to "Scarlett and the mobster" which pilot will be filmed in Los Angeles soon. Between the amazing news, she also shared with us her recent award from the Florence Film Associated Press at the People's Choice Awards. The press was captivated by our Miami Based actress's participation in the film "Love Deepens", which held it's premiere in Florence, Italy.

This mover & shaker woman is also the President of the "Women in the Arts USA". Noris founded Women in the Arts Miami in 2009 and she will be hosting the Awards for the fifth time this year. Her Organization Recognizes and honors the wealth of talent in our state pursuing excellence in their craft. An organization by and for individuals in the Fine and Performing, their purpose is to promote and offer exposure to those working in the Arts, Theater, as well as the entertainment industry

Her fans and followers can read more details about her projects at her new website

Interview By Denise Smith 

Most Fashion Magazine 


Diana Laura Noris has made a name for herself by mastering a diverse set of skills. Actress, artist, model, spokesperson, author, columnist, animal activist, advocate: these are just a few of this Puerto Rican beauty’s many talents. Reporter Denise Smith from Most Fashion Magazine spoke with the Renaissance woman about her love of animals, life’s art in Miami, and making her colorful mark with vigor.


Experiencing the best of both worlds, Diana Laura considers Puerto Rico and Argentina home. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, her mother’s family lives in Mendoza, Argentina, from where this starlet’s culture and essence stem. Shortly after turning down an offer from the Mendoza National Ballet, she began work on the Spanish soap opera, Tiempo de Vivir.  The schedule proved exhausting for the budding young actress. She worked long hours and missed a great deal of school. Her time on the popular soap opera, with its repetitive scenes and long days, would ultimately become an amazing learning experience. Diana attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She also attended The Stella Adler Acting Studio where she acquired the tools to become a better actress. Learning alongside people who are extremely talented can be difficult and intimidating but Diana soon thrived. After landing several modeling jobs, Diana Laura’s life would drastically change direction. At the age of 22, Diana Laura picked up everything and moved to Miami Florida with about two hundred dollars in her pocket. Although the transition was difficult, she says she would not have had it any other way. Other missing the Puerto Rican food, the actress is very happy living and thriving in Miami Florida. When we spoke to the seasoned actress about her thoughts on the audition process she was brutally honest. Auditioning, however tedious, is the bread and butter for an actor. “Sometimes you can suck, sometimes you feel like Meryl Streep.” She goes on to say, “The more you audition, the better you get, and if you can’t deal with rejection this is not the career for you.”


Don Juan Ponce de Leon: The True Discovery of Florida, currently in pre-production, is a project near and dear to the Latin-born Diana. Featuring an important ancestor to her culture, this documentary will detail the arrival of Ponce de Leon to the Floridian beaches through the coast of Melbourne Florida. The program will shed light on his motives and dispel many of the myths surrounding the Spanish explorer. The production is working with John Ayes, a lineal descendant of Ponce de Leon, to bring this story to light. The versatile actress also stars in the psychological thriller XXistence. In this thrilling mini-series, Diana Laura will play Adriana, the wife of a high-powered attorney played by Emilio Rosa. “It will be a series unlike anything you have ever seen and I am excited to be working with such a diverse and talented cast.”


The Latin beauty also has an artistic side. “My art screams independent, sexy, fun, fearless, and fashionable women.” Commissioned to do a piece for Pamela Anderson, for the launch of her perfume, Diana Laura was able to capture Ms. Anderson’s vivacious spirit perfectly. Art is a constant in her life and Diana founded Women In the Arts in Miami in 2009, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and raising public awareness of women's contributions to the arts. Women In the Arts celebrates, honors, and showcases the talent of women, their artistic abilities and expressions, through hosting an annual exhibit and fundraising event. Women In the Arts is dedicated to bringing recognition to the achievements of female artists across all time periods and nationalities. Always challenging herself, Diana Laura has been diligently working on her first book. The book will tackle the artist’s life experiences, family issues, and growing up in the movie industry. She will also be delving into jealousy and envy within the entertainment world.


The animal activist has an undeniable joy and passion for animals. With a weakness for cats, she supports a myriad of causes. She frequently donates her time to the Humane Society of Boward, Urgent Cats of Miami, and works hand-in-hand with Peta. When mentioning her precious cats, Hefner, Delilah, and Alexander Petrovsky, the animal lover laughs, “I adore animals more than humans.” When this lovable Latina finds time to relax, she likes to hit the gym. “Two hours of cardio and 30 minutes of weights, usually six days a week.” Her love for the beach has her frequenting the picturesque Miami shoreline. You might also find the starlet watching Netflix or simply having a glass of Pinot Grigio while taking a bubble bath in her jacuzzi. Just reading about her favorite pastimes has us all feeling relaxed.


There is no slowing down for this busy actress. Diana Laura is excited to be a part of Dwayne Johnson’s hugely-anticipated new project, HBO’s Ballers. You can also find her starring in The Familia, a mafia story based in New York City. Equally exciting, she has joined the cast of Sangre Negra, starring Erik Estrada, Anthony McKay, Arianna Gomez, and Eric Roberts. The story follows the Santos Family and their political struggles and volatile romances. This this new series  combines the family drama of Dallas with the underworld intrigue of The Sopranos.  Among the new Projects of the actress there is also a new Film "Devil's 5" which she just finalize in Long Island New york, the actress played the role of a woman possesed by the Devil. She mentions "it was a very challenging role and she was able to play a role she wanted to do for a long time. Also she says she did her own stunts and experienced lots of new challenges. For her it was a growing experience" quotes the actress.   

Currently Diana is working as a lead in the film "Love deepens" in Florence with Lucca Spiroggni right now,Leading also an Independent film in Mendoza Argentina next November 2016 entitled "Aire de las montanas."

She received the prestigious award from the Film Associated Press as Leading Actress in Florence.

This multi-faceted talent leaves us reflecting on many things. “Hustle beats talent if talent doesn’t hustle.” She encourages the younger generation to never accept rejection: learn how to deal with it but never, ever give up on your dreams. She assures us that it is never too late because, quite simply, it never is. “One day you will be the competition for your idol.” We must strive to be disciplined, love ourselves, and know our passions and calling in life. “Whatever that may be, be the best at it.”

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